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I am attempting to complete a 24hr Wodathon on November 15th & 16th, this will involve doing 24 45 min workouts back to back with 15 mins of rest in between. I will be starting at 07:15 am on 15th and finishing at 07:00 am on the 16th. I am doing this to try and raise funds for Comfort U Bag's, please read Sian's story below..... Every year thousands of children enter the foster care system in the UK. Most arrive carrying little more than the clothes on their backs. If they are afforded the opportunity to collect any personal belongings, many are then given a plastic bag in which to place and carry their personal items. It is a time of great upheaval and instability, and their first foster home placement is unlikely to be their last. I am an ex foster carer for Bristol City Council. I believe that every child deserves to feel a sense of dignity and that every child going into care deserves to pack their belongings in a special bag that they can call their own. My vision is to provide a proper bag, filled with comfort and essential items, to these brave children in foster care on their journey to find their forever home. I call this idea Comfort U Bags (CUBs) and in July 2017 set about establishing the initiative with an amazing team! The backpacks are purchased through fundraising and then anyone can ‘adopt a CUB’ which involves taking a backpack and filling it using a content list which has been approved by Social Services; although the content is standard and items must be new to preserve the dignity of the recipient, the adopters have the autonomy to choose brands and retailers. The average cost of a bag and all contents is £30. Completed CUBs are delivered to Social Services and are then placed with children as they transition into care. To keep CUBs going year on year we need to fundraise for the backpacks so any donations are very much appreciated!!! £1000 = 100+ backpacks Thanks for your support!

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